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About us:

McDonald Bird Farm was started in 1975 by James and Brenda McDonald. Having been raised on a farm, James’s love for birds and animals came naturally. Their first aviary was a small building built in the backyard. Their knack for breeding birds quickly paid off, and by 1978 they had a total of 7 separate buildings devoted to breeding parakeets. They began shipping birds nationwide and their expansion continued over the next few years by building 3 more 24’x 56’ aviaries while expanding the breeding operation to include cockatiels, finches, lovebirds, canaries, doves, etc.

James McDonald soon became a recognized authority in the pet bird industry and was asked by the veterinary classes of Texas A&M University to come and lecture on breeding pet birds. This he did on an annual basis until his time would no longer permit it. He has also spoken on exotic birds at numerous seminars and events throughout the country, including symposiums at such places as Purdue University. James has authored many articles and has published two books on the subject of exotic birds. He has been written about in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on television and news programs featuring the exotic bird business.

 The philosophy and principals which have characterized McDonald Bird Farm since their beginning in 1975 remain unchanged. They remain committed to providing their customers with the highest quality and healthiest birds available on the market today. History has shown that these types of birds provide their customers with the highest returns on their investment.

McDonald Bird Farm
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